Upon earning a BA Fine Arts Degree in Film & Video from Pratt Institute, Keegan Martin jumped right into the world of television and never looked back. He started as a production assistant for Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and A Mule working on various TV & film projects in New York. He also worked on numerous music videos for many Rock & Hip Hop acts. Next he was employed on the feature film “Copland” with Sylvester Stallone, segueing into Jonathan Demme’s “Subway Stories “for HBO. To pick up tricks of the trade, Keegan would spend nites and weekends learning every aspect of the electronic and film medium from operating a camera, to lighting techniques to editing & After Effects( electronic graphic design). A recommendation landed an entry level job working on the set of the nationally syndicated Martha Stewart show, which was just the break he needed. Keegan quickly rose up through the ranks all the while impressing not only Martha Stewart but the entire staff. Keegan was instrumental in speeding up production and eliminating redundant positions while still keeping the quality and integrity of the show. He greatly improved the lighting design, camera angles, and general scheduling of production. Then came the big payoff, Keegan began to direct “Martha Stewart Living” for the next 4 years, earning a few Emmy nominations along the way.

Today Keegan Martin has truly become a renaissance man in the world of TV production. Following are just some of the multi-episode shows he has not only directed, but in most cases he also designed the main title graphics and even edited the shows.

  • Hot & Healthy (pilot) 2006
  • Creative Juice (DIY/HGTV) 2006 12 episodes
  • Katie Brown Workshop (PBS) 2005-2006 13 episodes
  • Martha Stewart Living (CBS/Kingworld) 2002-05
    one hour syndicated strip show. Directed in studio multi camera/ multiple stages. Ran daily technical operations* Emmy nominated 2003/04. 4+ seasons (over 1000 episodes)
  • Petkeeping with Marc Morrone (FOX) 2002-05
    multi-camera weekly half hour syndicated pet show. Technical Director & Graphics Supervisor. 3+ seasons
  • Cake (CBS) (assistant director to Michael Dimich ) multi camera sitcom 12 episodes
  • Dance Revolution ( CBS) multi-cam game show 12 episodes
  • Everyday Food (PBS) 2003-05
    multi-camera half hour cooking show 26 episodes
  • The Art of Weddings (Style) 2005
    Location wedding special. Shot in New York, Las Vegas, and Connecticut.
  • Things We’ve Learned About Love (Style) 2005
    In studio multi-cam one hour show.
  • Destination Weddings (Style) 2005
    Location based show shot in Bahamas and New York. Directed & operated Steadicam.
  • Inside Weddings (Style) 2005
    Location based show following one bride from beginning of wedding to the end.
    Directed and also operated Steadicam.

Also an accomplished Director/DP shooting commercials for Glad – V8 – Prego – Campbells Tomato Soup – Martha Stewart Signature Furniture – Pace Picante and Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish