Over the last 25 years Tony Richards has become a highly regarded and sought after director/producer. His work has been seen by millions of network & cable viewers worldwide. His cutting edge political spots, for some of the most important initiatives and candidates in U.S. History have been broadcast throughout California, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, Wisconsin and Idaho to name a few.

Tony Richards remarkable winning record of campaigns include: Yes on 5 and Yes on 1-A, the historic California Indian Gaming Initiatives (the most expensive ballot measure in U.S. political history) and Yes on 71, California’s historic Stem Cell Research Initiative.

His career began in the fast paced world of sports event broadcast coverage. Working his way up from local stations through regional television and finally on to national levels, he has directed and produced coverage of nearly every significant type of sporting events including Summer & Winter Olympics, World Series, NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, NCAA Basketball Tournament, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Kentucky Derby, Heavyweight Title Fights as well as numerous tennis and golf events. Tony’s “Rollerblade’s Ultimate In-Line Challenge” became the precursor to ESPN’s current highly successful X-Games.

Not one to be idle, (due to the seasonal nature of political & sports related work) Tony Richards seamlessly transitioned into directing and producing commercials and corporate films for many Fortune 500 clients ie: The Walt Disney Company, Exxon, Mobil, IBM, Sony, Arco, Kodak, Edison, United States Air Force, NCAA, The Century Council, Bandai Toys, Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, Hollywood Park and many others.

He has also directed and produced numerous television shows including “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, “Entertainment Tonight” and a special episode“The Mickey Mouse Club”, which turned out to be a Day in the Life of…. Brittany Spears!

He has also produced and directed numerous documentaries, specials and home video product for CBS, ESPN, NBC, ABC and HBO.

Tony studied Broadcast Journalism & Film from Boston University and University of Southern California.

Tony Richards work has been honored by receiving an Emmy Award, Golden Mike Award, Freddy Award, Pollie Awards, Summit Awards and Vision Awards.