“Mesmerizing”: “Hypnotic”: “Surreal” :”Awe-inspiring”… These are just some of the words used to describe the work of Slovakian born Ondrej Rudavsky. His experimental use of film, video and light takes the work of William George Horner’s Zoetrope (1834) into the 21st century. His work typically layers 25 to 30 exposures onto the same piece of film.

Ondrej uses a combination of classical cell and drawn animation intertwined with pixilization and multi-layering. Joshua Siegal of the Museum of Modern Art has suggested that “Rudavsky’s layering reflects the layers of artistry that runs through his family tree. His grandparents were folk artists in Czechoslovakia. His father and mother are both world renowned as sculptors and artists, and his sister Zuzana is a well known textile artist living in New York”.

Moving from New York to Los Angeles, Ondrej’s work for the music video “Kiko” by Warner Bros artist Los Lobos, was the winner of the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Video, and nominated for Best Director in addition to Grammy nominated as Best Music Video. His Dead Can Dance “Carnival” music video won the Best Director International Monitor Awards & Cine Golden Eagle. He has also directed “GO” for MobY and “No Bed of Roses” for Polygram artists Indiens.

Ondrej’s unique style has also been used on main titles for the PBS series “Declarations”, as well as commercials for Coca Cola and Amazing Fruit. His short film presentation “Atomic Man” at The Museum of Modern Art was also used for Lexus promotional presentations throughout the U.S. Rudavsky’s “Connections”, a multi-media, three dimensional installation was featured at The Museum of Arts in Tucson, Arizona for 4 months last year. Just some of thousands of works of Rudavsky are on permanent display at The Film Archives of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences LA- The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences LA- The Museum of Radio & Televison-Warner Bros Records Los Angeles & Polygram Records New York.

His numerous magazines, books, catalogues and exhibits can be seen worldwide throughout Italy, Spain, Switzerland, India, Germany, & Finland, as well as across the U.S. and Canada. All in all Ondrej Rudavsky has assembled an amazing body of work for someone born in 1966.