Kevin Bertazzon’s illustrious career really got kick started upon his expulsion from the George Brown College of Design in Toronto for drawing on the walls. Kevin was making a living from alternative comics, freelance illustration, and the odd acting job here and there.

After seeing his artwork on the walls of a comedy club, Kevin was approached by the largest computer animation company in Canada at the time, offering to train him to recreate his illustrations as 3D imagery in the computer.

Flash forward, 17 years later Kevin has since relocated to Los Angeles and starting LOVELY STUDIOS while still maintaing residence in Vancouver.

Kevin has worked on such blockbuster films as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”,” Star Trek: Insurrection”, and “Stuart Little” as well as video game titles “Star Wars”, “The Soprano’s”“Gears of War”, & “Medal of Honor”.

Last year Kevin was brought in to Magnopus to port his expertise over to VR & AR projects including work for TRON.

He has worked with the top game designer, developers and animation houses including Electronic Arts, Rhythm & Hues, Brain Zoo, Titmouse, Klasky Csupo, Sega, Warner Bros., Bandai, SONY, Disney, CocaCola, Dream Catcher & Nintendo to name drop a few.

In his spare time Kevin has written and produced his own feature length movie, written and performed in his own comedy troupe, acted in commercials, written and drawn his own graphic novels, and published a book and audio companion piece currentlty available on Amazon, all the while exercising his slightly off kilter inclination to tell peculiar but entertaining stories.