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Matt Tognacci's artistic vision has been bringing ideas to life for over a decade with his innovative custom sets and detailed studio environments. Matt has created original, realistic and fantastical surroundings for television, film, and special events. Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Matt's inventive aesthetic sense was first inspired in the 80's by Stan Lee, Silly Putty, and Friday Night Videos. After his studies in art and design led him to Los Angeles, Matt's personal flair for style and originality emerged and it continues to evolve with his work as an in demand production designer. Matt has worn many hats in the art department, giving him a thorough knowledge of the workings of both on and off the set. Combined with an intuitive eye for detail, a keen awareness of budget issues and the ability to adapt quickly under pressure, Matt's extensive experience reveals a unique perspective when managing his design team and collaborating with producers, directors, clients and all other departments.


2011 CBS "The Talk"
2010 MTV "The Real World 25 - Las Vegas"
2010 ABC "Take The Money And Run"
2010 NBC "Minute To Win It"
2009 NBC "The Sing Off"
2009 CBS "The Whole 19 Yards"
2009 VH1 "Daisy of Love"
2009 MTV "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory"
2008 Cartoon Network "Beat The Monkey" (Pilot)
2008 Comedy Central "Reality Bites Back"
2007 VH1 "Scott Baio is 46 And Pregnant"
2007 3 Ball Productions "Beat The Blondes" (Pilot)
2007 VH1 "I Know My Kid's a Star"
2007 "Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant
2006 -07 Telepictures "The Tyra Banks Show"
2007 CW Net "Crowned - The Mother Of All Pageants"
2007 Gaim Home Video "The Firm Workout"
2006 CW Net "The Search For The Next Pussycat Doll"
2006 Gaim Home Video "Billy Blanks - AMPED"
2006 ABC "Master Of Champions"
2005 Comedy Central "Weekends At The DL"
2005 Animal Planet "Best In Town" (Pilot)
2004 WB "Beauty And The Geek"
2004 NBC "The Gift" (Pilot)
2004 VH1 "Smokin Hot Talk"
2004 VH1 "Entertainment Weekly - Must List
2003 NBC "For Love Or Money"
2003 MTV 2 "The Shortlist 2003"
2002 MTV "Scratch And Burn"

2005 Odyssey Entertainment "Evil's City"
2002 Whale-Road Productions "Silent Radio"
2000 Unified Film Organization "Deep Core 2000"
1999 VonZerneck/ Sertner Films "Silent Predators"
1999 October Films "The Muse"

2007 Ambitious Entertainment "Sunny D - Fruit Oasis"
2007 Ambitious Entertainment "Top Flight - D12"
2007 Ambitious Entertainment "Comfort Zone"
2005 Pop Flash Productions "Colgate - Portraits"
2001 Kontrast Films "Cart Racing - Adrenaline" 
(Telly Award Winner)
2000 Straw Dogs "Red Bull"
1999 Chelsea Films "Nestle Spree"

About Sitemap Contacts
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